E.ON Global Commodities

E.ON Global Commodities is the energy trading business of one of Europe’s largest investor-owned power and gas companies. As the commercial interface between E.ON and the world’s dynamic wholesale energy markets, our trading desks buy and sell electricity, emissions certificates, natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), coal and freight. Furthermore E.ON Global Commodities provides tailored solutions to manage earnings risks caused by variable weather.

Our primary objective is to maximise the value of E.ON’s power and gas portfolio by operating as the company’s centre of expertise for asset optimisation, commodity price risk management, and wholesale market access. We also own and manage a gas infrastructure business, which has stakes in more than 2,000 kilometres of gas pipelines, and one of Europe’s leading gas storage businesses.

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    E.ON Global Commodities is the expert interface between E.ON Group companies and the European and global wholesale energy markets. Business areas include power, natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), coal and freight as well as emission certificates and weather-related products. Particularly the power and gas business are backed by a large asset base.

    We manage a complex product mix and exposure profile across the entire commodity space. Consequently, we're active at energy exchanges throughout Europe and in the US as well as in OTC markets, trading a wide range of standard and exotic products and leveraging our deep industry knowledge to bring innovative and tailored solutions to our internal and external clients.

    Being an asset-backed player, we also source, store, transport and market natural gas as well as global commodities such as coal and LNG.

    In addition to our Düsseldorf headquarters, we operate a trading floor in Chicago and have offices in Essen, Coventry, Rome, Terni, Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Baku, Dubai, Doha and Singapore. Regional dispatch services are provided to EGC in Malmö and Sundsvall, Sweden, Saint-Avold, France, and Rotterdam.

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    E.ON Global Commodities by numbers

    Backed by Europe's broadest and most diverse power and gas portfolio, E.ON Global Commodities is one of the most active participants in the international wholesale energy markets:

    • over 1,000 professionals from more than 40 countries based in state-of-the-art Düsseldorf heaquarters, with some decentralized power and gas dispatch operations in UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Italy;
    • one of the most active traders in the international wholesale energy markets - 2013 volumes: Gas 1,960 billion kWh, Power 1,290 billion kWh, Carbon 470 million metric tons, Coal 210 million metric tons;
    • active on about 30 exchanges and in over 40 countries;
    • over 1,000 registered counterparties in more than 50 countries;
    • optimizing broad asset-base with about 45 GW of power generation across Europe and North America; 520 TWh gas supply (long-term contracts) and 16.5 mm boe gas and oil production;
    • further infrastructure-assets with long-standing expertise: European gas storage capacity of around 9 bcm, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) regasification capacity of approximately 6 bcm and stakes in more than 2,000 km of gas pipelines.
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    Chief Executive Officer

    Christopher Delbrück

    Chief Commercial Officer Coal, LNG & Freight

    David Finch

    Egbert Laege

    Chief Risk Officer

    David Port

    Picture: Damian Bunyan

    Chief Process Officer

    Damian Bunyan

    Chief Commercial Officer Power & Gas

    Stephen Asplin

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    Dr.-Ing. Leonhard Birnbaum, E.ON SE (Chairman)

    Thomas Ströder, E.ON Global Commodities SE (Deputy Chairman)

    Jørgen Kildahl, E.ON SE

    Lars Lagerkvist, E.ON SE

    Michael McCall, E.ON Global Commodities SE

    Sandra Merke, E.ON Global Commodities SE

    Eckhardt Rümmler, E.ON Climate & Renewables GmbH

    Regine Stachelhaus

    Verena Volpert, E.ON SE

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    As the commercial heart of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas company, E.ON Global Commodities can offer you a range of challenging and exciting career opportunities.

    Our professionals come from diverse backgrounds, but share a commitment to high performance, bold decision-making and a willingness to share knowledge and new ideas.

    Together they work in one of the world’s most exciting industries, enhancing the value of E.ON’s asset base, minimizing the commodity risk of E.ON’s power generation activities, and looking for ways to take advantage of Europe’s converging markets to add value for E.ON and its consumers.

    You can find more information about the recruitment process and how to contact us on our career website.

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